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  • Electronic panel saw without chipping


    1. According to the workload, dust removal operations inside the machine should be carried out regularly to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor.2 . Dust the track of the push platform regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the push platform3. Check the belt regularly and replace it in time if it is found to be worn out.4. Regularly oil the parts of the fuselage that need to be lubricated to ensure the stability and quiet operation of the equipmentThe mobile workbench part is the

  • What are the specifications of computer panel saws?


    Instructions for operation of computer panel saw1.Before the machine tool starts, it is necessary to carefully check whether the saw blade pads, compression nuts, and screws in each part are firm. If loosening is found, it should be fastened in time.When installing the saw blade, pay attention to the cutting direction, which is irreversible.2.Push table saws do not allow the saw blades to work without a protective cover.3. When manually feeding the table saw, the wood must be kept close to the w

  • What should I do if the electronic panel saw cuts out the size of the head?


    With the progress of machining and electrical engineering, the current cutting board data has gradually developed to fully automatic, and the addition of CNC has greatly improved the processing efficiency of traditional cutting board data products.For example, the lifting and tilting of the saw blade can be completely controlled by a computer, and even the entire cutting process can be fully automated.Of course, since the actual domestic market needs are mainly concentrated on semi-automatic and

  • What are the structural characteristics of the mobile workbench of CNC panel saw?


    The pneumatic workbench part is the key part of the CNC panel saw.It is also the main part that distinguishes it from ordinary circular sawing machines. The mobile workbench is composed of brackets, lower rails, rollers, push tables, etc. The distinctive characteristics of CNC panel saw manufacturers are:(1) Light operation and labor-saving, large push stroke, large cutting width;(2) With a stable and lightweight tow frame, CNC panel saw, smooth operation;(3) The setting of the mobile workben

  • 【Dongyu Machinery】 What are the advantages of double-ended CNC tenoning machine?


    Double-ended CNC tenoning machine is a kind of machinery suitable for enterprises to process tenons, and it is also a very popular machinery on the market.The machine adopts filling operation and automatic loading and unloading, which saves a lot of labor in production, which is deeply liked by business owners.Some of the advantages of this double-ended CNC tenoning machine are briefly summarized. This is a practical four-axis double-ended CNC tenoning machine on the market.Features of double-en

  • Dongyu Machinery tells you that the CNC tenon opener still has these functions


    1] Realized modular processing:Most of the mortise and tenon structures now only need us to enter the length and width of the material for automated processing, eliminating the labor and time of craftsmen to carry out complex processes, and the tenon can be produced to ensure that the finished furniture is strong and durable.;2】 The processing efficiency is very high:Now most of the tenon and mortise structures can be controlled and the machine can be adjusted in a very short time to produce

  • CNC tenon and groove machine manufacturers will take a look at the classification of tenon and groove machines with you


    1】 Square tenon and groove chiseling machineThis tenon and groove machine is a hollow square chisel with a drill bit inside fixed to the tool holder, and the edge of the drill bit protrudes slightly from the edge of the square chisel.;During processing, the square chisel and the drill bit descend together, and the drill bit rotates to drill a round hole. The square chisel can cut the round hole into a square.;When machining long grooves, the workbench can be moved and the cutting can be repea

  • [Dongyu Machinery] Relevant problems to be noticed when operating the double end CNC tenoning machine, and sharing of dry goods


    In the solid wood furniture manufacturing industry, photo frames, solid wood doors, home decoration industry, including the very popular antique building industry, are inseparable from the use of mortise and tenon structures. Therefore, the numerical control tenoning machine has become the favorite of the numerical control woodworking industry. Today, Dongyu Machinery is a double end numerical control tenoning machine with very high efficiency in manufacturing tenons. Dry goods sharing is worth

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