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  • Dongyu Machinery tells you that the CNC tenon opener still has these functions


    1] Realized modular processing:Most of the mortise and tenon structures now only need us to enter the length and width of the material for automated processing, eliminating the labor and time of craftsmen to carry out complex processes, and the tenon can be produced to ensure that the finished furniture is strong and durable.;2】 The processing efficiency is very high:Now most of the tenon and mortise structures can be controlled and the machine can be adjusted in a very short time to produce

  • CNC tenon and groove machine manufacturers will take a look at the classification of tenon and groove machines with you


    1】 Square tenon and groove chiseling machineThis tenon and groove machine is a hollow square chisel with a drill bit inside fixed to the tool holder, and the edge of the drill bit protrudes slightly from the edge of the square chisel.;During processing, the square chisel and the drill bit descend together, and the drill bit rotates to drill a round hole. The square chisel can cut the round hole into a square.;When machining long grooves, the workbench can be moved and the cutting can be repea

  • [Dongyu Machinery] Relevant problems to be noticed when operating the double end CNC tenoning machine, and sharing of dry goods


    In the solid wood furniture manufacturing industry, photo frames, solid wood doors, home decoration industry, including the very popular antique building industry, are inseparable from the use of mortise and tenon structures. Therefore, the numerical control tenoning machine has become the favorite of the numerical control woodworking industry. Today, Dongyu Machinery is a double end numerical control tenoning machine with very high efficiency in manufacturing tenons. Dry goods sharing is worth

  • [Dongyu Machinery] Application knowledge of CNC panel saws in automatic production line of panel furniture factory


    The sawing machine drive system adopts servo control and gear rack transmission to ensure smooth operation, and the large sawing speed of Zui can reach 85m/min.According to different sawing widths, it can automatically position the sawing stroke, reduce the idle stroke time and improve the working efficiency.The worktable is made of pneumatic float, which can effectively prevent the plate from scratching and make the plate move more easily.The main saw and auxiliary saw adopt independent lifting

  • Precautions for CNC panel saws at work


     Today, Gaomi Dongyu Machinery will share with you the precautions for CNC panel saws at work, hoping to help you. CNC panel saws can be used for vertical and cross-cutting of various wood-based panels such as veneer particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, solid wood board, plastic board, aluminum alloy and other materials. It is widely used in panel furniture industry and wood processing industries such as vehicle and ship manufacturing. , belongs to the general equipment among woodworking machinery, and the market demand is relatively huge. However, the following points should be noted in the work: 1. When cleaning the machine tool, rubbing lubricating oil, disassembling and replacing saw blades and removing wood chips, the power must be cut off first. 2. When a fault occurs, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the operation should be stopped, and the repair and adjustment should be carried out by a special person. The machine tool is not allowed to run with faults. 3. B

  • Start-up preparation of CNC panel saw


    Today, Gaomi Dongyu Machinery will share with you the preparations for the start-up of the CNC panel saw, hoping to help you. 1. Check whether the power switch of the CNC panel saw is pushed in place, and whether there is a phase loss in the current, so as to avoid burning the machine motor due to the lack of phase when the machine is activated. 2. Clean up the machine table and workplace. When operating the CNC panel saw, the person who starts the machine must keep his legs straight and his body straight, and cannot lie down or lean on the operating platform. 3. Check whether the saw blade of the CNC panel saw is perpendicular to the sliding table, and whether the large and small saw blades are on the same straight line. Test the machine for about one minute to see if the CNC panel saw operates normally. 4. Push the push bed several times first to check whether the slide rail is smooth. Keep the slide rail clean and smooth. 5. Prepare the materials and accessories.

  • Four major preparations for CNC panel saw operation by CNC vertical and horizontal saw manufacturers


    Today, Gaomi Dongyu Machinery will share with you the four major preparations before the operation of the CNC panel saw, hoping to help you. 1. First, clean up the machine and workplace. 2. Next, check whether the vacuuming system is normal. 3. Then check whether the push table saw blade is sharp and whether the size saw blade is in a straight line. Test the machine for about a minute to see if the machine runs normally. 4. Then prepare the materials and accessories.

  • Dongyu Machinery tells you what are the advantages of CNC panel saws?


    The CNC panel saw has the characteristics of easy operation, stability and safety, and is an essential equipment for the batch, standardized, mechanized and specialized production of furniture. The CNC panel saws produced abroad and in Shenyang are more adaptable and stable to use, and their precision meets the cutting requirements of solid wood and composite panels. The CNC panel saw absorbs the international advanced technology and adopts the unique domestic design to manufacture. It is used for precision cutting of wood, various veneer, wood-based panels and aluminum alloys. CNC panel saws are used for longitudinal, cross-section or angled sawing of plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, veneer, laminate, blockboard, spliced solid wood and plastic panels to obtain dimensional compliance Plates required by the specification, and also

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