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Dongyu Machinery tells you that the CNC tenon opener still has these functions

1] Realized modular processing:

Most of the mortise and tenon structures now only need us to enter the length and width of the material for automated processing, eliminating the labor and time of craftsmen to carry out complex processes, and the tenon can be produced to ensure that the finished furniture is strong and durable.;

2】 The processing efficiency is very high:

Now most of the tenon and mortise structures can be controlled and the machine can be adjusted in a very short time to produce the product. There is no need for valves to measure and mark processes. Multiple processes are completed at once, and the tenon output efficiency per unit time is greatly improved.;

3】 Realize zero-based operation:

The fool-like humanized program of CNC equipment can allow the tenon to be separated from the carpenter, so as to solve the problem of lack of artisan talents.;

4】 New mathematical algorithm to resolve and analyze Chinese mortise and tenon:

We can digitally enter the dimensions of the mortise and tenon, and it can be used with one programming, and the files stored in a machine can cover almost all the mortise and tenon types of traditional mahogany furniture.;

5] Graphically display the tenon and mortise structure:

The operator of the equipment can choose the structure suitable for his product from a large number of built-in mortise and tenon, so that the mortise and tenon selection is clearer and more accurate, thereby avoiding wood waste.;

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