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Start-up preparation of CNC panel saw

Today, Gaomi Dongyu Machinery will share with you the preparations for the start-up of the CNC panel saw, hoping to help you. 

  1. Check whether the power switch of the CNC panel saw is pushed in place, and whether there is a phase loss in the current, so as to avoid burning the machine motor due to the lack of phase when the machine is activated.

  2. Clean up the machine table and workplace. When operating the CNC panel saw, the person who starts the machine must keep his legs straight and his body straight, and cannot lie down or lean on the operating platform.

   3. Check whether the saw blade of the CNC panel saw is perpendicular to the sliding table, and whether the large           and small saw blades are on the same straight line. Test the machine for about one minute to see if the CNC               panel saw operates normally. 

   4. Push the push bed several times first to check whether the slide rail is smooth. Keep the slide rail clean and                 smooth. 

   5. Prepare the materials and accessories.

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